- Loom is made from Cherry Wood and finished with Danish Oil. 
- This is a great portable loom; it folds up & also disassembles completely so it could fit in any size vehicle. 
- 20 inch weaving width.
- Loom weighs approx 4lbs, stand weighs approx 7lbs.
- Includes a matching adjustable wooden stand.
- Also comes with 8 dent heddle (other sizes can be purchased online), 
- a pick-up stick, 
- one long shuttle and one shorter shuttle, 
- a pair of heddle blocks, 
- steel hook for threading the heddle.
- Instructions for assembly/disassembly (comes pre-assembled, but you get instructions anyway!)
- For the advanced weaver interested in multiple heddle techniques, the shed blocks on the Beka SG-Series Looms easily allow for the use of multiple heddles. You can use up to three heddles at the same time with the standard blocks. The top & bottom positions are simply using the top & bottom of the shed block. The benefit of the shed blocks is that you can use one heddle in the up and one in the down positions at the same time. When the loom is warped and tension is put on the warp the heddles will stay in place. 
- Value of $259.98 if all of the above items are purchased brand-new from the Beka web-site. 

Regarding the Modifications:
In my honest opinion, the mods I made to it improve the usability of the loom. I added two strips of quarter-round to the front teeth to prevent snags, and attached a dowel rod to the front of the loom so it functions more like a Schacht Cricket loom. I have spare quarter round and dowel rod and nylon I can include if the buyer wishes to modify the rear beam in a similar fashion. It should be noted that my version of this loom is an older one and hence the side beams/pawls do NOT have ratchets on them like the newer ones do. So if the buyer wants ratchets and/or doesn't like my mod to the front teeth, they can purchase new pawl/beam sets on the Beka website for $36 each. I recommend using C-clamps of some type for warping this loom (not included) it cannot be warped on the stand. It is very easy to remove and attach to the stand.

Please ask if you have any questions! I have only used the loom once and it worked great, I just need to downsize my weaving tools a bit.

​Contact me at hotaru@gmail.com


Posted January 2017

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Beka 20" Rigid Heddle Loom