Meetings for the 2017-2018 program year are held monthly August through May and will be held at Brentwood Community Center, 2505 S. Brentwood Boulevard, Brentwood, MO 63144. There is no meeting in October due to the Guild's sale. Generally, meetings begin with coffee and conversation at 9:30 am followed by a brief business meeting and presentation.  Meetings are open to both members and visitors.

Members are encouraged to show-off their recently completed projects during the Hot Off Your Fingers segment following the presentation.

Specifics for each meeting and more detail about the program topic and presenter will be sent to the membership and posted on the website 2 weeks prior to each meeting.

Brentwood Community Center
2505 South Brentwood Boulevard

Brentwood, MO 63144

Saturday 11/18

9:30 am

DVD/Video Expo

It seems as if every week a new Video is released either as a DVD or as Download and touted as a “must have”. It’s hard to know which —if any— might be worth my time and/or money.  Join us to get the inside scoop on some of our members favorites.

Saturday 12/2

Holiday Gathering
Location to be determined

Tuesday 5/22
9:30 am

Jennifer Moore
Creating with the Fibonacci Sequence 

Programs 2017 - 2018

Tuesday 3/27

9:30 am

Ruth Manning


No meeting - Guild Sale

Saturday 4/21
9:30 am

Swedish Weaving 

Saturday 1/20

9:30 am

DeStash Bash
It’s been 2 years since our last Bash, so start sorting and cleaning out now!

You will be able to reserve your table at the November meeting.

Saturday 2/17

​9:30 am

On-Going Learning: Weaving Schools and Workshops

Perhaps it’s time to step out of your studio and see what’s new in your fiber area.  Or maybe it’s time to learn something new. Come hear about schools and workshops that might not be on your radar right now.

Saturday 8/19
9:30 am

We start the program year off with the opportunity to find out what our talented members have been up to over the summer.  Expect to hear stories of MidWest, see beautiful items created while hiding in the A/C during the heat, or see wonderful fiber souvenirs from travels far and wide. Expect updates on the All Missouri Spin In and of course the Guild’s Sale in October

9:00 - Pre-jury for the October Guild Sale
(be sure and contact Kay Baranowski at least a week prior)
9:30 - Coffee and conversation
10:00 - Three minutes of fame — each member is (strongly) encouraged to share items, or fiber stories with the group.

     2017 - 2018 Programs     

Friday 9/22
5:00 pm

This is a Friday evening meeting that is not to be missed!
We’ll have plenty of time to visit and share stories of fiber adventures as we start the evening with a potluck gathering.  Following the dinner, Amanda Robinette will lead us through Tai Chi for Weavers where we learn —by moving—better ways to protect our bodies while warping, threading and weaving. Not a weaver?  You’ll learn the basic stretches and moves that will make your body more comfortable no matter your fiber craft.

5:00 to 6:00 Potluck
6:00 to 8:00 Tai Chi for Weavers