Mary Rand

​These are all bobbin lace.

Sally Vikman

 “Spring Bluebird”
By Sally Vikman
Some guild members have seen this tapestry as a work in progress. It was accepted into the American Tapestry Alliance exhibit “Renditions 2020” in Knoxville that coincided with Convergence in July. Due to the Covid-19 Response, it will no longer appear in Knoxville, but it will be in the online-only version of the exhibit.

Photography credit: Vikman Photography

Hindsight 2020

Challenges for August 2020


Marggy Grace

The structure of this piece is Quigley and it was on my loom from the Block workshop taught by Amy Norris in January.  The warp is a grey-green 10/2 Perle cotton, the tabby weft is a dark green 10/2 Perle cotton and the pattern tabby weft is a blue 5/2 Perle cotton.  Right now it's just a sample but I may cut it to make fingertip towels.  I needed to get this piece off my table loom so I can do some sampling for a piece for my big loom. I know the S word, 'sampling'😳, but I don't want to waste the yarn if the
structure I have in mind needs some tweaking.

Challenge for February 2021

How I spent My Covid Confinement Challenge

Kati Fritz-Jung

I’ve been spending my time trying to create effective lighting and backdrop for pictures of my work. Attached is one of my attempts with a picture of a commissioned toddler jacket I made 
Nuno felted with merino on to silk chiffon eco dyed (can be seen on cuffs and inside jacket).

Three Greens Challenge