2020 Online FiberArt Market 
Weavers' Guild of St. Louis
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WGSL FiberArt Market 2020

Index of FiberArt - Gifts for Home, Body, and Soul

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Doug Nehring has some wonderful new items for the FiberArt Market!

Shop his website for Hand-dyed Indigo Scarves, hand-dyed/hand-painted yarns (skeins & pre-measured warps), hand felted coasters, and his adorable Nisse and Gnomes characters (each one has his own name and unique personality). 

Jeane's items include handwoven tapestries, linen scarves with handstitching and beautiful cyanotypes on fabric embellished with sashiko and contemporary hand stitching. Each piece tells a story whether through the evocative, heartwarming imagery or the meticulously delicate stitches.   

Participating Members

With a selection that includes handwoven scarves, tapestries, and transparencies plus handmade jeweled snowflakes, we aim to create original pieces from beautiful materials that bring you joy.

(Free shipping in the United States through December 15th)

Mandy Pedigo

Artist: Mandy Pedigo  Website: https://www.mandypedigo.com

Email: mandy.pedigo@gmail.com

Deann Rubin is a longtime WGSL guild member and her work is vibrant and captivating! This piece is a 6 sided, 3D cube that measures 8" x 8" and each side is fascinating!

Take a look at her website to see what might be calling your name! 

Take a peek at the wonderful whimsy of Joyce Pion and her "Odile" Fiber Sculpture creations. 

She uses handmade felt, appliqué, embroidery and of course, her delightful sense of humor and storytelling. 

View her inventory on her .pdf - see like above.
Send Joyce an email if interested in making a purchase.

Handwoven Originals by Jane Olson Glidden

Artist: Jane Olson Glidden

Website: handwoven-originals-by-jane-olson-glidden-109674.square.site

Email: janeolsonglidden@gmail.com

Deann Rubin

Artist: Deann Rubin  Website: https://www.deannrubin.com/

Email: deannjrubin@yahoo.com

Sunstone Fiberworks by Doug Nehring

Artist: Doug Nehring  Website: https://www.sunstonefiberworks.com

Email: dnehring@charter.net

Weaving in all its forms has fascinated me for many years. From cozy wearables to mythic stories in wool, I bring my ideas to life using the finest materials and craftsmanship. Please enjoy this selection of pieces and consider what you might like to gift to a loved one or enjoy for yourself or in your own home!

Closed until further notice. No items are available at this time.

Thank you for your business!

Jeane Vogel Studios

Artist: Jeane Vogel

Website: https://www.vogelfiberart.com/

Email: jeanevogel@gmail.com

Freshly Woven by Betty Neill offers these distinctive Hostess Aprons for your home entertaining apparel whether with family gatherings or intimate dinners for two. 
These classic linen tote bags are perfect for anything you need to carry and let you 
do your 'toting' with style!  New items coming soon:  WALLPIECES!  

Mandy Pedigo works in various techniques to create her beautifully evocative wallpieces. Her process includes hand-dyeing, handweaving, hand quilting & hand-stitching and each piece tells a story and takes you on a journey. 

Her work ranges from small framed pieces to large wall sized quilts. 

Joyce Pion.............          Odile Creations by Joyce Pion

Leandra Spangler...         etsy.com/shop/byLEANDRASPANGLER

Janet Moore............        janet-moore-tapestry.square.site

Lisa Hinrichs...........        Lisa Hinrichs - Modern Felt & Textiles   Closed until further notice

Sally Vikman...........        Vikman-Handwovens.square.site

Janet Dittrich...........        HeartFelt Designs by Janet Dittrich

Jeane Vogel..............       vogelfiberart.com/

Jane Olson Glidden..       Home - Handwoven Originals by Jane Olson Glidden (square.site)

Lynette Milles..........        xn--mille-3v3b.square.site/home  

Doug Nehring..........        sunstonefiberworks.com

Mandy Pedigo..........       mandypedigo.com

Betty Neill................       Home - Betty Neill (freshlywoven.com)

Veronica Green........       veronicatheartist.square.site/

Deann Rubin............       deannrubin.com/

Sharon Kilfoyle........        Home | Sharon Kilfoyle Designs

Kati Fritz-Jung .........      AKTDesign (square.site)

I love weaving with cotton.  I've spent decades creating unique designs that celebrate the supple drape and

soft texture of cotton.  Each piece is designed to wrap you in comfort, something we all need these days. 

The jackets are an unstructured design that drape and conform to most sizes.

100% Cotton - it's perfect for all seasons!

Heart Felt Designs by Janet Dittrich
Artist:  Janet Dittrich
Website:  https://heart-felt-designs.square.site/
Email:      jbdittrich9@gmail.com

Kati's playful nuno felted designs are handmade and one-of-a-kind.  Created using silk fabric and super soft merino wool each one is supple, light and warm. The various garments can be casual when paired with jeans or very elegant when dressed up for more formal occasions.  She has scarves, capes, tunics, skirts & dresses.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind and perfect for someone who is one of a kind.        

For a limited amount of time I am offering special items for gift giving in time for the holidays. They are each one of a kind and when they are gone they are gone so do hesitate if you see something you really like!

 "Find your piece of Spontaneity" from the nuno-felted and painted silk pieces created by Veronica the Artist. Her sumptuous silks positively radiate with vibrant color and fascinating nuno felted textures.  
If you love color - you'll LOVE these garments, scarves and jewelry! 

Lisa Hinrichs Modern Felt

Artist: Lisa Hinrichs
Website:  Lisa Hinrichs--Modern Felt & Textile

Email:  info@lisahinrichs.com

Veronica the Artist
Artist:      Veronica Greene                Website:  https://veronicatheartist.square.site/
Email:      verotogarcia@yahoo.com

Sharon Kilfoyle Designs

Sharon Kilfoyle

Website: Home | Sharon Kilfoyle Designs

Email: sharon@sharonkilfoyle.com

Inventory: SharonKilfoyle Designs

Bear Creek Paperworks

Artist: Leandra Spangler

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/byLEANDRASPANGLER

Email: leandra@bearcreekpaperworks.com 

 Experimenting with different felting processes has led me to create fun, yet functional clothing from felted knit sweaters to nuno felted scarves.  Combining knitting, felting, and embellishing leads me to create the warm, whimsical felted hats that are my current passion.

Freshly Woven by Betty Neill

Artist: Betty Neill     

Website: Home - Betty Neill (freshlywoven.com)

Email: eaneill@sbcglobal.net

As a former art teacher turned full time artist and exhibition jurist, Leandra uses ancient techniques and adds a contemporary twist.  Her shop offers fun felted pins, knotted necklaces, wallpieces and folded book ornaments.  ​https://www.etsy.com/shop/byLEANDRASPANGLER

​​​'Odile' creations by Joyce Pion

Artist: Joyce Pion

Contact by email: joyce.pion@gmail.com

​Inventory: 'Odile' Creations by Joyce Pion

Handwovens by Sally Vikman

Artist: Sally Vikman

Website: Vikman-Handwovens.square.site

​Email: sjvikman@gmail.com

Sharon's silk scarves are pure luxury at affordable prices and an excellent choice

for that perfect gift for a special person on your shopping list! 

Choose from elegant, one-of-a-kind Hand-dyed silk scarves, Shibori dyed silk scarves,
Eco-dyed silk scarves, and Eco-printed silk scarves!

Janet Moore Tapestry
Artist:    Janet Moore
Website: https://janet-moore-tapestry.square.site
Email:    apricotjan2009@att.net

There's nothing cozier or soul-satisfying than something handknit. It brings that special handmade touch to a special holiday gift. 
Shop Lynette's website for those perfect handknit gifts for the season.
 Handknit wearables (garments, scarves and cowls) plus machine knit Christmas stockings available - let the shopping begin!


Artist: Lynette Milles

Website: https://xn--mille-3v3b.square.site/home 

Email:  lyriclyn@yahoo.com

AKTDesign by Kati Fritz-Jung
Artist:  Kati Fritz-Jung
Website: AKTDesign (square.site)
Email: katifj@earthlink.net