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Specifications for other awards will be posted on the website when available.

The Weavers’ Guild of St. Louis (WGSL) promotes and supports the Fiber Arts in the greater St. Louis area and beyond by its sponsorship of exhibit and development awards, and of lectures and workshops. Financial support for these endeavors is provided by the generosity of our members, former members, and friends whose donations and bequests established and sustain the Doris Oglander Fund and the Tribute Fund.

The Doris Oglander Fund was established in 2006 by her generous bequest and is used, as specified in her will, for the purpose of bringing distinguished guest artists to St. Louis to speak and/or conduct workshops. The Tribute Fund comprises contributions from individuals honoring special fiber artists, inspiring teachers, and supportive friends and family members. This fund provides grants to local and regional non-profit arts organizations to bestow awards for exceptional fiber art entries in juried exhibits; grants to individuals for the pursuit of fiber-related education and research; and WGSL memberships to local college and university students in fiber arts.

The Elsie Bell, Libbie Crawford, and Margaret Grant Awards have been presented at Midwest Weavers’ Conferences for many years. The first Lucy Primm Award was presented at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild Emerson Young Artists’ Showcase. The first Helen Wenzel Award was presented at the Fiber Focus 2015 Exhibit sponsored by Art Saint Louis. Each of these accolades is bestowed by an exhibit juror chosen by the sponsoring non-profit organization. The names of recent recipients of these awards and images of their winning fiber art works can be found on the WGSL website.

Applications for grants to provide WGSL Fiber Arts Awards are now being accepted from nonprofit organizations located in the greater Saint Louis area (within 50 miles of Saint Louis). An application form can be found using the WGSL Awards Grant Application link below.