“Ebb and Flow” by Heather Winslow of Sugar Grove, IL received the Elsie Bell Award for Excellence in Handspinning in the Members’ Exhibit at the 2015 Midwest Weavers’ Conference held in St. Paul, MN, June 18-20.

Heather’s award-winning sweater was hand-knit from her own hand-spun wool, a mix of mostly merino plus fibers from a few other sheep breeds. Although she was inspired by a photo of another sweater, the design and pattern for “Ebb and Flow” are her own creations. This striking garment was knit sideways using one green multicolored yarn for the reverse stockinette stripes and a variety of hand-colored yarns in the "valleys" also worked in stockinette.  Short rows added in the "valleys" below the yoke create a gored effect showing the riot of different colors in the “valleys”.

Heather wrote “I want to thank you for providing the Elsie Bell award that was presented to me at Midwest Weavers Conference 2015.  I am thrilled to have received it and cherish the honor given me.  Since I teach spinning, I hope that I can continue to honor Elsie's memory through the new students that I will expose to spinning in the future, as well as those spinners whom I will introduce to the joy of spinning silk and luxury fibers…Please convey my appreciation to the Weavers' Guild of St. Louis.”

Heather Winslow