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WGSL Equipment

Equipment Contracts are now being issued to help us keep track of the Weaving Equipment that is stored at individual homes. From now on we will be using a contract that provides a deposit that will be refunded when the item is returned to the inventory of the Guild. There are times when the Guild is offering a workshop that requires the use of some of the equipment so the borrower must understand that the Guild must have priority on the use of the items.

The members that are now housing the equipment will not be required to make this deposit. If you would like to inquire about a particular piece, please contact the equipment coordinator Lynette Milles who will see if it is available. From that point a contract will accompany the equipment. The coordinator will contact the holders of contracts as well as the remaining items being housed twice a year just to keep track of items that seem to wander unnoticed. Some of these items are very valuable and need to be treasured.

  • Demonstration Table-Loom
  • Ashford Spinning Wheel
  • Picker
  • Yarn Blocker
  • Pendleton 8Harness 12 Treadle Floor Loom
  • 4Harness table loom with legs
  • Inkle Loom - Meramec
  • Inkle Loom
  • 4 Harness Table Loom (no legs)
  • Fleece Carder
  • Mirrix 22" Tapestry Loom
  • 4 Folding Work Tables
  • 30 CD Drop Spindles
  • Coffee Urns
  • LCD Projector
  • K-AF2 slide projector #1
  • K-AF2 slide projector #2