WGSL is now enrolled in Guild Rewards programs with The Woolery and Halcyon Yarn. Both programs give our Guild 5% of the total purchases made by members during the year. Checks are mailed to the guild in September for The Woolery and at the end of the year for Halcyon. 
To shop at The Woolery using the WGSL Guild Rewards program, start from this link

To shop at Halcyon Yarns using the WGSL Guild Rewards program, use this link to their website, then remember to indicate your WGSL membership upon checkout

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  • If your guild is listed, earn rewards by:

  1. Making a note of your guild in the "comments" box for web orders
  2. Mention guild over the phone
  3. Mention guild in store

  • Don't want to remember to note your guild?

  1. Quick solution: click a guild to set a "cookie" in your browser so that your order will automatically be noted with your guild
  2. Better solution: If you are signed into a Halcyon Yarnweb user account, and you click a guild link, that guild will remain associated with your account whenever you log in!