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Items from past St. Louis Weavers' Guild Sales

Sad news - the WGSL Annual Guild Sale is CANCELLED.
Typically, this time of year I'm finalizing the guild sale packet and making sure all the dates, times and information are accurate before sending it out to all sale participants. This year - obviously, nothing is typical. Yes, sadly, I finally have to say it out loud - the 38th Annual Guild Sale in October is CANCELLED. I'd resisted the inevitable for the last few months but reality came through - loud and clear - these last several weeks.
The WGSL board fully supported the decision to cancel the October Sale until it can be done safely, same as we are approaching our guild meetings and workshops.
I still have hope that we can pull something together yet this year, perhaps around the holidays - or next spring - IF we can do it safely for all involved. We do not want to put anyone at risk. Artists, please keep making your art. We will be back! Your inventory will someday have its moment to shine in our Guild Sale display and eventually make its way home with someone who will forever cherish it.
With a heavy but hopeful heart,
Jane Olson Glidden
WGSL Annual Sale Co-Founder and Chairperson

WGSL Annual Guild Sale

​Our Annual Weavers’ Guild Sale was founded in 1983 and has encompassed a wide range of fiber art from art-to-wear garments and accessories to fiber sculpture art pieces to functional rugs, towels and baskets.  We usually have about 40-45 artists participating each year and we are proud to give our artists the opportunity to sell their work at a very reasonable commission rate with the expectation that they share some of the work required to put on the event.   We are dedicated to our efforts to increase our visibility in the St. Louis community as well as inform and inspire an interest in the fiber arts.   The items in the Sale are juried to ensure high quality and we are proud to have outstanding artists and faithful customers that return each year.   

If you are a fiber artist interested in participating in the Annual Weavers’ Guild Sale browse through the Sale Information tabs. If you are a customer who values original and unique fiber art check the tab for this year’s dates and location and browse through the photos from past Sales.