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Macomber 64 inch floor loom in excellent condition

  • 10 harness and 12 treadles
  • 5 reeds  8-10-12-14-15
  • Regular back beam
  • 1” back beam
  • Tensioner beam and threader
  • Lease sticks
  • Assorted shuttles
  • Flying shuttle attachment
  • Packing sticks
  • Extra heddles
  • Quantity of fine Canadian wool yarn on spools

The loom weight is around 400 pounds and cannot be moved in a pickup truck.  It requires a trailer and at least 2 strong men.

I live in Warrenton Mo which is about 50 miles from St. Louis straight down Hwy 70.

The asking price is $6500 for everything.   

There is no bench as I use it with my other looms. I am selling

it due to arthritis which limits my stretching on such a big loom. 

My email is for those who may want more information.  I live in the middle of the woods and my cell phone does not work some days.  The company blames it on the leaves on the trees blocking the signal.

posted 5/28/20

Macomber Floor Loom