Her obituary in the Guild newsletter included the following story which is vintage Margaret. One time in Chicago at Convergence Margaret was in the front passenger seat of a shared taxi. She immediately identified the driver as a Zimbabwe native from his accent and soon they were chattering away about his native country. She loved to share discoveries about world arts, events and people, but in Guild study groups she shared giggles like a schoolgirl.

The Margaret Grant Memorial Award for Elegant Handwoven Fashion Fabric (woven using no more than four shafts) was created in 1995.

Margaret Grant Memorial Award for Elegant Handwoven Fashion Fabric

This award pays tribute to a former member whose distinctive and quietly elegant personal style was always evident in her hand-woven fabrics.

​Margaret Grant was born and raised in Australia, received her psychiatric social work degree in London, and then worked at Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. From the late 1960s until her death in 1993, she actively participated in many facets of the Weavers’ Guild of St. Louis. She held elective offices, served on committees and juries, was instrumental in establishing a scholarship fund, and made great effort to involve new weavers in the Guild. Margaret's specialty was weaving clothing with fine threads. We honor her memory with an award which recognizes that elegant fashion fabric developed from a simple structure complements a garment's design.