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​​Officers 2019 - 2021

President - Marggy Grace
Vice President - Betty Neill
Secretary - Sally Vickman
Treasurer - Julie McClure

Weavers' Guild of St. Louis

Officers, Committee Chairs, and  Assignments

Committee Chairs

Programs/Workshops - Dale Pessin and Susan Magee

Finance - Barb Keith and Julie McClure

Membership/Yearbook - Amy Norris

Jury - Kay Baranowski

Librarian - Julie McClure

Guild Sale - Jane Olson Glidden

Exhibits/Outreach - Jane Olson Glidden

Education Grants - Laurie Harper

Nominating - Dale Goad

Study Groups  - Jo Ann Treuman


Oglander Fund Advisor - Dale Pessin

Historian/Archivest - Karen Holzhausen

Librarian - Julie McClure

Newsletter - Jane Glidden

Webmaster - Dale Goad

Hospitality - ​Susan Magee and June Vaughan

Guild Equipment Manager - Susan Magee 

IT Manager - open

Tribute Fund Advisor - Marilyn Emerson Holtzer