​Saturday, January 16th Guild Meeting - On ZOOM at 10am 
Program: Guest Speaker, Erin Miller, Head of Weaving at Berea College
Erin Miller is head of the Weaving department at Berea College in Kentucky.   Erin will discuss conceptual art and how she brings her training in art to making products. She says she has many students that don't believe they are artists and she has to help educate them to change this mindset. In addition, we will learn more about Berea College and it’s unique approach to making higher learning affordable for its students.
Look for the upcoming episode of CRAFT IN AMERICA that should air on PBS in December. The episode features Berea College and Erin Miller, who is our guest speaker in January. Here's a sneak peak at the episode: https://youtu.be/ihOPolheXB4 

​​​​​We'll keep you posted.
Mark your calendars and watch for E-Blasts (emails) with details/reminders for each.

Mary Quinn, Programs Chairperson

Saturday, August 15th Guild Meeting - ONLINE at 10 AM

You'll get an e-blast prior to the meeting with full instructions on how to join the group.

We'll attend to a little guild business then share our Guild Challenge items!

The meeting will last about 40 minutes so be all set up and ready to go on time!

Saturday, September 19th Guild Meeting- ONLINE AT 10 AM

Special speaker Kathrin Weber of Blazing Shuttles

Kathrin will share inspiration and helpful tips for working with her hand-dyed warps and skeins!

Saturday, September 26th Event - Blazing Shuttles Trunk Show

To be held at Brentwood Community Center, Room C, from 10am - Ipm 

Here's your opportunity to purchase her beautiful warps and skeins! 

We'll send out an e-blast prior to the event with info about the necessary safety protocols set by the community center. We'll ask guild members to sign up for staggered entrance times to maintain a safe attendance. In addition to the Blazing Shuttles warps and skeins you can also browse several tables filled duplicate library books and yarn where you can take what you like and leave a small donation.

Saturday, October 24th Guild Meeting - ONLINE at 10 AM

Special speaker - Daryl Lancaster

1 - 1 1/2 hour program on Color and Inspiration - it's a perfect follow up to our Blazing Shuttles Trunk Show!

Saturday, November 21st Guild Meeting - On ZOOM at 10am

Program: Guest Speaker, Carol Splater from Charity Sharity

​Charity Sharity is a local organization that collects fabric and other fiber materials and then distributes to those who can put them to good use.  We’ll learn about the organization, who they serve and what materials they prefer. The plan is to organize a collection sometime in January so we can pass our extras on to a good cause.

Saturday, December 12th Guild Meeting - On ZOOM at 10am

Program: A Visit to the Batik Exhibition in the Textile Gallery at Saint Louis Art Museum PowerPoint presentation of these beautiful textiles by Susan Magee and Jane Olson Glidden

Javanese Batik Textile Exhibit at St Louis Art Museum
Jane Glidden and Susan Magee recently visited the exhibit and took hundreds of photos to share with us. SLAM is also providing a short video to provide background information.

2020 - 2021

Guild MEETINGS & Events - Meet us ONLINE !

Saturday, February 20th Guild Meeting - On ZOOM at 10am 
Program: Show & Share of our Hindsight 2020 Guild Challenge items. 
PowerPoint with Artist Talk. 

Saturday, March 20th Guild Meeting - On ZOOM at 10am 
Program: Guest Speaker, Robbie LaFleur, 
Editor of Norwegian Textile Letter with a presentation about Norwegian tapestry artist, 
Frida Hansen (known for her transparent tapestry technique) and her influence seen in the work of Elsie Siroky (student of Lillian Glaser and early guild member) 

Saturday, April 17th Guild Meeting - On ZOOM at 10am 
- Business Mtg and Election of WGSL officers. 
- Program: Watch the recording of the Keynote Address by Amy Norris and John Mullarkey from the 2019 Midwest Weavers Conference 

Saturday, May 15th Guild Meeting - On ZOOM at 10am 
Program: Guest Speaker, Nancy McDonough from Kyoto Kimono 
with a presentation about Japanese weaving. ​