​Zella found tapestry weaving highly satisfying because it allowed her to combine her life-long passions for drawing and fiber. ​

Zella felt that there should be an emotional connection between artists and their subjects, as exemplified by the keepsake tapestry portraits that she wove of three of her grandchildren, and by the torah mantles and silk talaysim which she created and which now envelop scrolls in the US, Israel, and Norway, and drape worshipers across the country. Even after illness had limited her physical activities, her artistic sense never wavered.​

This award pays tribute to Zella Rubin, a former member of the Guild who was highly proficient in many areas of the fiber and textile arts, and who was always willing to share her expertise and knowledge with others, especially young fiber artists.

College and university students enrolled in fiber arts courses are welcome to apply for the Zella Rubin Award. A Zella Rubin application form can be found using the Zella Rubin Award Application link below. 

Zella Rubin was a versatile and productive weaver and a Lifetime Honorary Member of the Weavers’ Guild of St. Louis. During her many years as a member of the Guild, she served as President and on several committees, participated in the annual Guild sale, was instrumental in organizing a tapestry study group, and willingly shared her expertise with young fiber artists.

Her weaving repertoire was extensive, and her creations, whether garments from her own handwoven fabrics, silk talaysim (prayer shawls),  fiber art for the wall, or miniature doll-house rugs, were beautifully designed and meticulously executed and finished.

 Zella Rubin Award for Fiber Art