The Weavers' Guild of St. Louis is celebrating National Spinning and Weaving Week at the University City Public Library on Saturday, October 6th from 1 - 4 pm. 

We had demonstrations of time-honored crafts like weaving, spinning and knitting plus many lesser known crafts like Kumihimo, Bobbin Lace and Tatting with examples from the many study groups in our guild like Swedish Weaving, Garment Weaving, Rigid Heddle Weaving, Long & Skinny (woven bands & braids), New Weavers, Spinners & Knitters, Tatting & Bobbin Lace and Tapestry.

Study Groups are an excellent opportunity to explore new fiber techniques within the support and encouragement of a small group of like-minded artisans.

The Weavers' Guild of St. Louis marked their 92nd Anniversary this year and is proud to be the second oldest such guild in the nation.

Study Groups

Next meeting dates:

Bobbin Lace & Tatting - January 26, 2019
Felting - January 12, 2019
Garment Group - January 18, 2019
Long & Skinny - December 11, 2018
New Weavers - November 10, 2018
Professional Development - TBD
Rigid Heddle  - December 8, 2018
Spinners & Knitters - December 18, 2018
Swedish Weavers - December 7, 2018
Tapestry - December 1, 2018

Go to the  Study Group
pages for more information. 

Upcoming Workshops​​

Beth Smith - Spinning 
Saturday and Sunday
December 1 - 2, 2018

Linda Beckley - Flax to Linen
Saturday and Sunday
March 16 - 17, 2019

Dawn Edwards - Felting - Resist & Texture
Saturday and Sunday
April 6 - 7, 2019

Franklin Habbit -Series of Knitting Techniques
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
August 16 - 18, 2019

Weavers' Guild of St. Louis

Guild Sale 

October 19 and 20, 2018

Holiday Party

December 15
10:00 to noon
The Lodge Des Peres
1050 Des Peres Rd, Des Peres, MO 63131

We will again offer a light brunch and lots of holiday gifts for you to enjoy. 

No Program, so lots of time to catch up with your fellow members and enjoy the beginning of this great holiday season.

Please RSVP if you can attend to Dale Pessin.

Some Items from our 2017 Sale 

Weavers' Guild of St. Louis

2019 Guild Challenge "Fibonacci"

Most of us know the basics of the Fibonacci series (0,1,1,2,3,5,8 etc) and may have used it in designing stripes but where else in nature do we find the sequence and what are the design implications and uses?, Nationally known weaver and author of The Weaver’s Studio: Doubleweave, Jennifer Moore’s presentation will give us many new ideas to sharpen our design skills using the Fibonacci sequence.  This will be applicable for all fiber enthusiasts from knitters, crocheters, felters, weavers, jewelry makers, and even basket weavers. 

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Our Exhibit and Volunteers

National Spinning and Weaving Week

at the University City Public Library

on Saturday, October 6th from 1 - 4 pm