Upcoming Guild Workshops​​

For 2020:

May 9-10, 2020

Fiberworks PCW Software with Amy Norris 


August 20-30, 2020

Stitching with Seed Beads with Charlene Abrams 


November 7-8, 2020

2-3-4 and More with Marjie Thompson


FOR 2021 - on hold until further notice

February 26-28, 2021

Pockets, Layers, and Connections with Janney Simpson

April 17-18, 2021

Explorations of Rigid Heddle with Jane Patrick

June 12-14, 2021

Color and Design in Huck Lace Towels with Rosalie Neilsen

November 6-8, 2021

Shadow Weave in Polychrome with Sarah Fortin

You may request refunds if you have already registered for the workshops being rescheduled.

Contact Dale Pessin - (dale@pessin.net).
I will keep you on the list, regardless, and will send notifications when we know what our NEW NORMALS will be.

Weavers' Guild of St. Louis

Due to current events and concern for everyone's
health and safety, our Weavers' Guild of St. Louis 
has made some changes.
- Members -

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Library -  Open dates TBD

Sad news - the WGSL Annual Guild Sale is CANCELLED.
Typically, this time of year I'm finalizing the guild sale packet and making sure all the dates, times and information are accurate before sending it out to all sale participants. This year - obviously, nothing is typical. Yes, sadly, I finally have to say it out loud - the 38th Annual Guild Sale in October is CANCELLED. I'd resisted the inevitable for the last few months but reality came through - loud and clear - these last several weeks.
The WGSL board fully supported the decision to cancel the October Sale until it can be done safely, same as we are approaching our guild meetings and workshops.
I still have hope that we can pull something together yet this year, perhaps around the holidays - or next spring - IF we can do it safely for all involved. We do not want to put anyone at risk. Artists, please keep making your art. We will be back! Your inventory will someday have its moment to shine in our Guild Sale display and eventually make its way home with someone who will forever cherish it.
With a heavy but hopeful heart,
Jane Olson Glidden
WGSL Annual Sale Co-Founder and Chairperson

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Saturday, December 12th Guild Meeting - On ZOOM at 10am

- Members - watch for E-Blast for sign-on info

Program: A Visit to the Batik Exhibition in the Textile Gallery at Saint Louis Art Museum PowerPoint presentation of these beautiful textiles by Susan Magee and Jane Olson Glidden 

Javanese Batik Textile Exhibit at St Louis Art Museum
Jane Glidden and Susan Magee recently visited the exhibit and took hundreds of photos to share with us. SLAM is also providing a short video to provide background information.